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Precision Frame Manufacture

Precision Frame Manufacture

Tamayoshi precision frames are evaluated highly in the industry.
Precision manufacture of 3-dimensional structures such as frames requires a high level of experience and technique in sheetmetal fabrication.

Tamayoshi has succeeded in reducing cutting processes following welding assembly of frames.
Solutions to customer problems are presented from the customer's point of view.

Making process data by 3D Data

From 3D Design to 3D Manufacture

Rapid progress in sheetmetal CAD/CAM systems has permitted integration of design and manufacture, All Tamayoshi data is in 3D format for integration with CAD/CAM production.
Not only the connection of the processing machine manufacturing site, but also it is possible to exchange data with our business partners so that our duty spread.
After we receive only the data of surface etc. from customers, we can give further suggestions as 3D solid data added sheet metal attribute in our company.

The 3-view drawings so essential for manufacture are rapidly generated with the minimum necessary dimensions. Suggestions for cost reduction, such as VE with 3D data, are also possible.
Tamayoshi's 3D CAD environment brings the manufacturing site into the office.

Accomodating a Wide Range of Data Formats

The following Solidworks 2006 formats are available, however other CAD formats may also be compatible. Please contact us for further details.

*IGES *STEP *Parasolid *ACIS(sat.) *PRO-E *SolidWorks *SolidEdge *Invender ...etc

Advanced Laser Fabrication Equipment

Laser fabrication permits cutting of holes in pipe, and cutting of the pipe itself.

The Trumpf L4030S is fitted with the Low Truss II pipe cutting equipment able to chuck both round and square pipe. The rotating unit and fabrication head are synchronized while cutting.
Round and square pipe of up to 4m in length and 400mm in diameter can be cut with this equipment.
Holes and notches can be cut readily, and the equipment is compatible with welded frame structures including housings. Fabrication accuracy in the longitudinal direction is similar to that with sheet materials.

Use of auto pallet-changers permits mass production in 24hr operation
Non-oxidizing laser cutting of thick-sheet stainless steel and aluminum


3D laser fabrication with Trumph L4030S

A Full Range of Sheetmetal Fabrication Equipment

Aluminum and stainless steel welding
A full range of bending equipment

Fladder 3D deburring system

We are ready to make a tour of our plant. Plase let us know beforehand.

Welding technology, which depends on the meister.    Processing information is built up on the server.    It corresponds to small lots and prototypes.
We provide something as much as required.   One by one and clean carefully.   Avoid contact scratches during shipping, carefully packed.