Tamayoshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Tamayoshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Strong Focus on the Environment and Conservation of Local Areas.

We are always seeking new methods and improvements to our processes.

Abnormal weather patterns have become increasingly severe over the years. This can be interpreted as a message from the planet – environmental pollution, atmospheric pollution, and destruction of the natural environment are a warning to us of the damage due to the activities of man. This warning is closely related to limited availability of the planet's resources.

Within this context, Tamayoshi feels the need to accommodate with the times, and with the environment. As such, we have sought in our operations to develop technology for the future and the environment - reuse of limited resources, use of raw materials which are recyclable, aggressive cost reduction, and research and development for new forming technology. Tamayoshi employs leading-edge equipment appropriate for the times, and which is able to contribute to a wide range of customer requirements, and to protect our environment.

Tamayoshi exhibition at the MD&M West 2018 show.


We exhibited at the MD&M West 2018 show in Anaheim, CA which was held February 6-8, 2018.



Tamayoshi volunteer support during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami disaster.


On April 23 we provided 500 servings of stir fry noodles to the public at 
Sakamoto Jr. High School in Yamamoto town, Watari district, Miyagi prefecture in response to the Tsunamidisaster.
We appreciate NC network Co., Ltd for the cooperation of this activity. Thank you again for receiving such a circumstance.

We are making additional plans to continue our support efforts.


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Otawara Plant 25th Anniversary Celebration


Twenty five years have passed since the construction of the Otawara plant in Tochigi Prefecture in June 1979.

On September 11th 2004, a celebration was held to celebrate a quarter century of operation. Local residents and related personnel from all over the world were invited. The celebration was a day-long family event, and included factory tours to view the latest equipment, Mochi-tsuki (rice cake making) contests, water melon-splitting contests, and a soccer demonstration by Kenji Tsuchiya, a famous soccer player.

Tamayoshi's close relationship with the local area is evident in such events, and it fully intends to continue and develop this relationship.


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