Tamayoshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Tamayoshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd


People intrested in manufacturing are wanted.

People intrested in manufacturing are wanted.

■Why don't you join us and enjoy manufacturing products?

We are supplying something used in the latest medic and manufacturing. This is because high level of manufacturing and team-working is highly needed.

There is some of latest manufacturing equipment and job rotation system in our company, that will make your skill higher. We recommened somebody who thinks by oneself, makes actions, and has guts.

2016 Personnel Recruitment

Occupations 1. Software engineer
2. General management of Vietnamese (Hanoi) plant, and technology transfer.Preference given to personnel with experience in sheetmetal fabrication, management, working overseas, and English ability.
3. Light industry (personnel for packaging and shipping, washing, and part-time work particularly welcome)
4. Machining center operation (Ootawara plant only)
Sites 1. Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka Prefecture
2. Otawara City in Tochigi Prefecture
3. Bac Ninh Province (suburbs of Hanoi) in Vietnam
Trial employment Trial employment for applicants up to age 29.
Contact 'Hello Work' for details.
New graduate employment Currently accepting applications from 2016 graduates.
Contact the following for details.
Remuneration In accordance with company regulations.
Age Regular employees: 18 to 50 years of age
Part-time employees: 18 to 65 years of age
Conditions Comprehensive insurance, travelling expenses, experienced personnel given preference
Applications Initial phone call or email to make appointment. Bring CV etc. on visit.
* State desired position in CV.
* Submit work experience in case of mid-career application.
* State desired location of work (Fujinomiya, Ootawara, Vietnam) clearly.
* Replies will be sent to all applicants, whether successful of not.
Address for CVs 【Postal addresses】
Head Office: Togami 147, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 418-0006
Ootawara: Mitori 760, Ootawara City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 324-0045

【Email address】
Inquiries Head Office, Vietnam section: Ph 0544-58-1501, Maki Endo
Ootawara: Ph 0287-28-2111, Atsuhiro Takashio
Please call until recruitment staff.

Recruitment FAQ

Q. Can I send the application form by Email?
A. Yes. Please return the completed form by email.

Q. Do you hold information sessions on the company?
A. information sessions are available as necessary for mid-career recruiting, and sessions for the 2016 year are in planning at the moment. Please contact us by phone with any inquiries.

Q. Are company visits possible?
A. Yes. We can arrange visits as necessary in response to your phone call.

Q. How is acceptance or rejection conveyed to applicants?
A. By post or phone, within ten days.

Q. If accepted, when does formal employment start?
A. Formal employment for new graduates begins between March 21 and April 1st.