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Privacy Policy

Use of personal information

This privacy policy describes the personally identifiable information (hereinafter as personal information or privacy information) in detail, when you use this web site, when and how these personal information is collected and what the purpose to use it, how the information is managed and protected. Please use this web site after reading carefully this page by all means.

Purpose of the Privacy Policy

Purpose to define this privacy policy is to make the privacy protection more reliable showing the users when those people who are concerned with the web site management they appropriately handle the personal information under strict management in their duties accomplishment the acquirement and usage of the personal information acquired by a predetermined range and method.

In addition it aims to prepare the environment for the users to judge by themselves they should provide their privacy information or not by disclosing the policy to handle the personal information to the users.

If the users don't accept the posted privacy policy they can cancel the use of this web site anytime, if there are any questions or unclear points about these privacy policy the users can contact as below window and confirm with them for this privacy policy.

Privacy policy on this web site

1. When users use the following services as well on this web site you may be asked to provide your personal information.
Form to Send

2. Following information are required as personal information.
Your company name
Name of the person in charge Email address
Zip code

3. The collected personal information will be used for following purpose.
To reply to your questions

4. Provide collected personal information to a third party.
Personal information collected in this web site is never used by a third party at all, except the case the user agree it is used by the third party or in case defined by law

5. IP address
when you access this web site, IP address(number) which shows the location on the Internet and the corresponding domain name are automatically logged. These might be collected and recorded to manage the server of the web sites. Generally it is not easy to identify the personal information from the IP address. This web site record this IP address, domain name as data log for the management, but these data are never provided to the outside, third party.

6. Cookies
Cookie are small text files which are made when users access the web site on the Internet, the running programs in the web site send some data to the terminal computer of the user via browser then when the user access the same web site the users are identified and customized information are collected by sending back these data.  while the users do not know Cookies record history information to browse so on. therefore the web site does not use cookies from the point of view of the personal information.

7. Security
The personal information collected through the operation of the web site must be safely protected and managed, the maximum attention is required on the security. Computers which keep the personal information collected through the operation of the web site are strictly managed to prevent outside unauthorized access from browsing, tampering and braking inside data via the network. This web site doesn't use  SSL(Secure Socket Layer) which send and receive encrypted data between the user's browser and the server.

8. Update Privacy Policy
Achievement level of the privacy policy changes depending on the degree of progress and security risks of technologies. Also the contents and scope of the personal information to be handled change since the contents of the business changes. Privacy policy is not fixed and it is constantly required the evaluation and review depending on the situation around, And when the privacy policy is revised it will clearly be announced to the users by posting on the web site or individual notice.