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Equipment photographs

Equipment List

Equipment Manufacturer Format Specification Head Office Oo
3D CAD / CAM Amada Sheetworks (Solidworks)   1 1 6

Auto-plotter for sheetmetal work

Amada AP-100   3    
Win-Nest   2    
Bend CAM   1 1  
Weilli JetNesting   1   1
Roza(New)   1   1
Amada TOPS-100     1  
TOPS-300     1 1
TOPS-400   1 1  

Composite laser punch machine

Trumpf TruMatic 6000 fiber FMS     1  
Trumatic 6000L

Processing range 2,585oX1,280o, MAX processing plate thickness
(mild steel t3.2 stainless aluminum t3.0 t3.0) laser output 2.7K

Amada EML3510NTPDC
Punch 30t processing range MAX 4'x8 't3.2 turret 58 station,mold automatic exchange,changer 220 type held laser 4000W,mild steel t6, SUSt6,aluminum t6 1    

Laser cutter

Trumpf TruMatic L4030S Processing range 4,070oX2,060o MAX processing plate thickness (mild steel t20,stainless t12, aluminum t8.0) laser output 3.0K with pipeindex   1  
TruMatic L3030S 3200W,mild steel t20,SUS t12, aluminum t8,processing range X3050 Y1525 Z115 with pipeindex 1   1
TruLaser-3030 3200W,mild steel t16, Cleancut = SUS t10, AL t6, processing range X3050 Y1525 Z115     1
Punching machine Trumpf TruPunch1000R Processing range 2,500X1280 MAX punch capacity 165KN   1  

Turret punch press


30t processing range MAX 4'x8' t3.2,turret 52 station, mold automatic changer type 224

PEGA-357 30t, stroke number 350spm, stroke length 32mm, processing range MAX4'x8 'xt3.2     1

NC tapping machine

Amada CTS-900(NT) Processing range 900x900 t0.8 ~ t4.5
1   2

Shearing machine

Amada DCT2565 t0.8 ~ t6.5 length 2520 mm 1    
S2530 MAX machining length 2,532o,MAX cutting thickness t3.2   1  
M2560 MAX  t6.0 x w2500     1
S1232 MAX t2.0 x w1200     1

Power press

Amada TP-110 110t, the number of stroke 60spm, stroke length 150mm, height 365mm     1
TP-45 45t, the number of strokes 60spm, stroke length 127mm, height 277.9mm     1

Corner shearing machine

Amada CS-220 MAX3.2mm 8t cut size 220X220 ram stroke 22mm 1 1  
CSH-W220 MAX t3.2     1

Set press

Amada SP-30U 30t     1
SP-30 30t stroke85mm 1    
SP-15 15t 1    
Roll leveller Zerostar ZS-500 MAX 6.0mm w500mm 1 1  

Burrytack deburrer

Fladder AUT1000 Processing MAX width 1,000mm 1 1  
Amada DB-610     1  
MD-500 Thickness 0.8 ~ 2.3mm MAX work width 500mm 1 1  
IBT610 MAX working width 600 mm, wet   1  

Press brake

Trumpf TruBend5130 MAX pressure 133t stroke 215mm bending length 3,230mm frame gap 420mm open height 385mm 1    
Amada HDS-8025NT MAX pressure 80t table length 2,500o 1 1  
HDS-5020NT MAX pressure 50t table length 2,070o 2 2  
FαBV-8025NT MAX pressure 80t table length 2,500o 1 1  
FαBV-8025EV 80t, stroke 150, table 2500, gap 400, open height 420     1
FαBU-1253EV     1  
RG-50EX 50t, stroke 100, table 2000, gap 400, open height 370     1
RG-35EX2 35t, stroke 100, table 1200, gap 200, open height 370     1
FMB286NT MAX pressure 26t,table length 774mm   1  
FMB184NT MAX pressure 18t table width 400mm 1 1  
FMB062 6t, stroke 100, table 288, gap 100, open height 250     1
APB184 18t 400mm     1
SPH-30 30t, stroke 100, table 576, gap 510, open height 520 1 1 1

Automatic stud welder

Amada GUNMAN500

Machining table
500mm X 500mm

  1 1
VULCAN1000 Machining table
1000mm × 1000mm
Caulking machine HANWIN


MAX screw M8      

Welding robot

Panasonic VR-008G2       1
Daihen AX-V4L-AP 6-axis vertical multi-joint type with turntable   1  
Automatic vertical welder Amada VC-700 MAX automatic welding length 700mm 1 1 1
Inverter spot welder Amada TS108i MAX Welding power 95KVA 1   1
ID40ST MAX Welding power 95KVA 1   1
Condenser spot welder Origin Electric 5AS-4068 Condenser capacity 67500μF   1  

Spot welder

Panasonic YR-800CDS4   1    
YR-350SB   2    
Daihen SL-AJ   1 1  

Fastener press

HAEGER 618 MAX pressure 6t 1 1  
EHWA EMC-6000 MAX pressure 6t     1
Machining center Yamazaki Mazak V655-60 Processing range X1,50mm Y650mm Z650mm   1  
Radial drilling machine Toakikai TRD-600C Spindle front-back moving distance 467o, spindle up-down moving distance 768mm 1 1  
Die grinding machine Amada TOG(U) Processing diameter φ1.51 ~ φ160.0 1   1