Tamayoshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Tamayoshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Management Principles


1. Based on sound management, focus solely on the customer, and contribute widely to society.

2. Provide a system that is able to respond to innovation and change, and provide the appropriate quality, price, and delivery date.

3. Respect creativity and intelligence, and provide an ideal working environment to draw out the limitless possibilities of our employees.

Company Outline


Company name Tamayoshi Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Business operations 1. Fabrication and assembly of precision sheetmetal components primarily for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical devices.
2. 3D sheetmetal design, laser cutting, and welding of housings and frames.
3. Design, development, and manufacture of OEM products.
Address Head Office and head office plant: 147 Togami, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 418-0006
Otawara Plant: 760 Mitori, Ootawara City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 324-0045
Website http://www.tamayoshi.co.jp
Email info@tamayoshi.co.jp
Telephone Head Office: 0544-58-1501
Otawara plant: 0287-28-2111
Cell phone Head Office: 080-3471-4021, Head Office plant: 080-3471-1417
Use these numbers to reduce phone charges.
Fax Head Office: 0544-58-3380, Otawara plant: 0287-28-2119
Number of employees Japan: 70, Vietnam: 40
Established June 1960
Capital Y10,000,000
CEO President: Hironobu Yoshida (Mr.)
Overseas offices 【 Tamayoshi Vietnam Co., Ltd 】 Tamayoshi Vietnam Co., Ltd
Fuji Precision Park, Yen Phong IZ, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
Tel/Fax +84-241-368-9330
Affiliated Company Hironobu Co., Ltd. (Real Estate)
【 Vietnam・Japanese SMEs rental factory 】 Fuji Precision Co., Ltd.
Affiliations Shiszuoka Prefecture Sheet Metal Industrial Association Nexstage(Youth Group)
Tochigi Prefecture Metal Industrial Association
Fujinomiya City Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ootawara City Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Gakunan Corporation Association
Shizuoka Prefecture International Economic Promotion Association
Mitori Industrial Estate Liaison Council
Tochigi Prefecture Welding Association
Environmental partners Econecol Co. Ltd,  Yoshida Biso Inc., Matec Inc.

Access Map

Head Office plant

●By car
14km from the Tomei Fuji exit (approximately 30 minutes)
Tomei Fuji interchange toll gate -> (take left fork)
Take Nishi Fuji Highway (toll) towards Fujinomiya -> Toll gate ->
R139 (approximately 7km in a straight line) -> (Circle K on right) ->
Mobil gasoline stand -> Ministop) Turn left at Togami crossroads ->
proceed 800m and turn right at T junction -> Sign (entrance) on left.

●By train
Alight at Nishi Fujinomiya Station on the JR Minobu Line, hail a taxi, and ask the driver to take you to "Togami no Tamayoshi Seisakysho" (5km, approximately 10 minutes).

Otawara Plant

Turn left at the Nishinasuno Shiobara toll gate exit on the Tohoku Expressway ->
Turn right at the first signal -> Turn left at the next signal ->
Proceed 400m -> Turn left at Mitori crossroads ->
Proceed 600m and turn right at the Mitori Industrial Estate sign. Look for Tamayoshi 300m ahead.


July 1960 Established as a private business at Yako-cho 764, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City.
October 1962 Moved to Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka Prefecture, and established as a limited company.
November 1966 Established as a corporation.
August 1970 Trumpf TC-20A NC nibbling machine introduced, allowing a change to precision machinery sheetmetal work.
May 1976 First Amada NC turret punching press introduced.
June 1979 New plant constructed in Ootawara City. Tochigi Prefecture.
January 1983 First Amada advanced laser fabrication machine (LC-644) introduced.
July 1985 Amada FMS line (automated sheetmetal fabrication line) introduced.
July 1988 Amada bending robot introduced.
February 1993 Head Office plant expanded (10th term).
December 1995 New production management system (TESCWORK2) using PC networking introduced.
March 1997 Mazak machining center introduced at Head Office plant. Change to high precision and composite fabrication and sheetmetal work.
September 1997 Amada hydraulic turret punch press automated die changing robot introduced.
PC-based NC hydraulic press brake introduced at Ootawara plant.
September 1998 Amada AP100 automated plotter introduced at Ootawara plant.
March 2001 Ootawara plant expanded (4th term).
June 2001 Trumpf L4030-S laser fabrication machine introduced.
Precision frame (structural items using square-section pipe) line expanded.
July 2001 Akihiro Yoshida appointed as chairman, Hirotaka Yoshida appointed as president and CEO.
July 2004 Trumpf TC6000L laser punch composite machine introduced.
January 2005 Amada sheetmetal 3D CAD SheetWorks introduced.
Manufacture commenced using 3D design.
March 2005 Trumpf L3030-S laser fabrication machine introduced.
April 2005 Tamayoshi Vietnam Co. Ltd established in Hanoi.
3D CAD data center established.
January 2006 Ootawara plant upgraded, and large frame welding line established.
March 2006 New production management system TESCWORK-WIN introduced.
March 2007 Daihen semi-automated welding robot and turntable introduced.
Single Amada hybrid press brake HDS-5020NT introduced (6th in HDS Series).
January 2008 Branch established in Vietnam's Bac Ninh Province, and plant constructed in Fuji Precision Park.
Overseas manufacture commenced.
December 2008 Amada composite laser punch  EML3510NTP (4kw) introduced.
June 2009 Tamayoshi Vietnam head office transferred to Bac Ninh Province to integrate Vietnamese operations at one site.
August 2010 Introducing the Trumpf made ​​laser processing machine L3030 to be a Vietnam Unit 1.
August 2014 Head Office plant (11th) shipment plant building reconstruction.
October 2015 Trumpf TruMatic 6000 fiber FMS laser punch composite machine introduced.
Trumpf TruBend 5130 press brake introduced.  
November 2015 Relocated Trumpf TC6000L laser punch composite machine in Vietnam factory.