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Tamayoshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd


We offer the most reliable products with our proven technology for many years.

We offer the most reliable products with our proven  technology for many years.

Realization of high precision and strict delivery time commitments.

Outstanding progress has been achieved in the field of sheetmetal fabrication in the past half-century.
The change from hand manufacture by the artisan to manufacture of sheetmetal products with NC machinery has brought increased demand for high-precision and machine-manufactured sheetmetal components. In recent years, the semiconductor manufacturing industry has demanded high-cleanliness sheetmetal products manufactured with digitized systems.

Tamayoshi Manufacturing employs its 50 years of wide-ranging experience in the field of sheetmetal fabrication to bring maximum product satisfaction to the customer.

Cutting-edge technology


Good technology
Non-oxidizing statinless steel and aluminum laser cutting Good technology
Eliminarting cutting following welding assembly of lage frames
=> Precision frames
Good technology
Composite fabrication using laser cutting and machining Good technology
Laser cutting holes in pipe
Good technology
Stainless steel and aluminum welding Good technology
General sheetmetal fabrication

Increased thickness cutting capabilities

L4030S / L3030S

  Mild steel Stainless steel Aluminum
Maximum plate thickness 20mm 12mm 8mm

The ability to cut thick plate allows handling of work which would have previously required a milling machine.
Cut surface roughness (up to JIS35S) is similar to that obtained with machining.

Increased cutting dimensions


  Mild steel
X axis x Y axis 4,070 x 2,060

Pipe cutting

The Low Truss II pipe-cutting equipment is able to chuck both round and square pipes. The rotating unit and fabricating head are synchronized for cutting.

Round and square pipe of up to 4m in length and 400mm in diameter can be cut with this equipment. Holes and notches can be cut readily, and the equipment is compatible with welded frame structures including housings. Fabrication accuracy in the longitudinal direction is similar to that with sheet materials.